Education for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Minor

The purpose of this minor is to enhance student understanding, cultural competency, and agency related to the impact of multiculturalism, language learning issues, and diversity in PreK-12 schools and other community and professional settings. To understand the full scope of the cultural and linguistic impact that a multicultural classroom has on its citizenry, this program will include courses highlighting U.S. immigration, migration, transnationalism, culture, family school partnerships and immigrant communities, education policy, and cultural and language learning considerations.

The minor will require all students to complete three required core courses (a total of 9 credits). After completion of these 9 credits, students will select one of two pathways to complete the remainder of the ECLD minor.

Pathway I will consist of a sequence of courses specifically for Education majors who are pursuing an additional teaching endorsement in their licensure program to work with English language learner students (ELLs) in the PreK-12 grades. Courses mostly focus on education topics pertaining to ELL program planning and instructional strategies, as well as linguistics-related topics and English language acquisition. A practicum course is also offered to provide pre-service teachers experience in an ELL classroom.  Addition of the ECLD minor will further strengthen this pathway and promote its growth over time.

Pathway II consists of a general track for both Education and non-Education majors who want to develop cultural competency skills in working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities in a variety of professional and community settings, including schools, communities, nonprofit organizations, businesses and environmentally-focused organizations. Students will select courses that will provide a range of topics from immigration policy in the U.S. to food and culture, and community work involving refugees.

Requirements for Pathway 1: Endorsement

EDTE 056D1:Lang Policy Issues,Race&Sch3
EDTE 102Bilingual Education & Policy3
EDTE 205Fmly Schl & Cmty Collaboration3
EDTE 201Developing Curriculum for ELLs3
LING 080Introduction to Linguistics3
LING 170TESOL and Applied Linguistics3
or LING 177 Second Language Acquisition
or EDTE 190 Teach Reading & Writing to ELs
EDTE 295ELL Practicum3
Total Credits21

Requirements for Pathway 2: Non-Endorsement

EDTE 056D1:Lang Policy Issues,Race&Sch3
EDTE 102Bilingual Education & Policy3
EDTE 205Fmly Schl & Cmty Collaboration3
Select three courses from the following (one course must be at the 100-level or above):9
US Citizenship and Education
Teach Reading & Writing to ELs
Meeting Inst Needs/All Stdnts
Introduction to Linguistics
Introductory Special Topics (when the topic is Linguistic Diversity in the U.S.)
D1: African American English
Second Language Acquisition
Intro to Disordered Comm
Dev of Spoken Language
D2: Bullying & Discrimination
D1: Race Relations in the US
D2:SU: Cultural Anthropology
Parenting and Childhood
D2:Culture, Health and Healing
Human Development
Family Context of Development
Working with Refugees
Special Topics (when the topic is Multicultural Leadership)
Total Credits18