Teacher Education / Secondary Education (Grades 7-12) B.S.Ed.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.


This major leads to a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. The Secondary Education program prepares teachers to work with students with diverse needs in public school classrooms in grades 7–12. The curriculum includes general education, a content area concentration (ranging from thirty credits to fifty-one depending on the discipline) and a minor (strongly encouraged but not required), a professional education component, and electives.

A minimum of 120 approved semester credits is required for the degree. Specific requirements, including PRAXIS information, as approved by the Vermont Agency of Education, may be obtained from the CESS Student Services Office, 528 Waterman. Program information is also available from the Secondary Education program, 411 Waterman.

Professional coursework is offered throughout the program, alongside general education and major and minor requirements. This allows our candidates to build their understanding of teaching over time.

General Education Component

The general education courses must include the following:

  • English Composition and English Literature
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • U.S. History
  • American Government (Political Science)
  • Psychology or Human Development and Family Studies
  • Humanities

Academic Major and Minor Components

Students who successfully complete their teacher education program are recommended for licensure with a first endorsement in their content area concentration. Students must consult their faculty advisor in the selection of an academic major. It is recommended that Secondary Education students pursue an academic minor; however, an academic minor is not required for program completion.

Professional Education Component

Students begin the professional education component of their Secondary Education program when they enter UVM. During the first two years, course work focuses on general education and academic major or minor requirements. In addition students take several education courses that build the foundation for further study in Secondary Education.

Phase 1: Exploring learners’ needs and the school context: EDTE 001EDTE 056EDFS 002EDSP 005EDSC 011, EDSC 207. EDTE 056 fulfills D1 requirement and EDSP 005 fulfills D2 requirement. At the end of this sequence, if a student has:

  • a 2.75 overall GPA
  • a 2.50 GPA or higher in the content area concentration
  • a grade of B or better in all courses with an EDXX prefix
  • passing scores on the PRAXIS Core Test or meet state-approved waiver requirements
  • favorable reviews from faculty teaching EDSC 011 and EDSC 207
  • resolved all Student Support Team concerns (if applicable)

then a student will be able to continue in the Secondary Education program. Should a student fail to meet one or more program benchmarks, a student has the option of submitting a formal request to continue in the program. 

Following the introductory phase, students begin the next series of professional courses. During this phase, students will continue taking course work in their academic major, with the goal of having courses completed prior to Phase 3. 

Phase 2: Exploring school context and curriculum, instruction and assessment:  EDSC 209, EDSC 215, and EDSC 216. Subject methods may be taken in Phase 2 or 3, depending on the student's academic plan. At the end of this sequence, if a student has:

  • a 3.00 overall GPA
  • a 2.75 GPA or higher in the content area concentation
  • a grade of B or better in all courses with an EDXX prefix

  • meet speech competence requirement (described below)
  • favorable reviews from faculty teaching in EDSC 209, EDSC 215, and EDSC 216
  • resolved all Student Support Team concerns (if applicable)

Then a student will be eligible to apply formally for a student teaching placement in the Secondary Education program. Should a student fail to meet one or more of these program benchmarks, a student has the option of submitting a formal request to continue in the program. 

Phase 3: Full Semester Student Teaching Experience: EDSC 226EDSC 230 (Subject specific methods course may be taken during this semester if not taken previously). Students must:

  • complete a full-time, semester-long internship
  • complete and submit a portfolio that documents competence with program and state licensure requirements.

Licensure Recommendation

Students must meet all of the standards below to be recommended for license:

  • Passing score on Praxis II exam or OPI for World Languages
  • a minimum overall GPA of 3.00
  • a minimum GPA of 3.00 in both their content area concentration and professional course work
  • a "meets standard" rating on each entry in the Licensure Portfolio
  • a grade of B or better in student teaching
  • completion of all other degree requirements.

Student’s Responsibility

Information about application procedures for the Secondary Education program may be obtained from 411 Waterman. Students are responsible for obtaining information regarding the process and requirements, and for notifying the Secondary Education Office as to changes in their status, address, or intentions for completion of the program.

Language Proficiency

A Language Proficiency Test is required for the Secondary Education Foreign Language majors.

Speech Competence

All students must demonstrate competence in communication by one of the followings:

  • Successfully complete a speech course for university credit
  • Successfully complete a theatre course for university credit
  • Earn a letter of support regarding speech competence in EDSC 215

Contact the Secondary Education office in 411 Waterman or call (802) 656-1411 for more information. 

A Possible Curriculum in Secondary Education

First YearCredits
EDTE 001 Teaching to Make a Difference3  
EDSP 005 D2:Iss Aff Persons W/Disabil3  
General Education Courses9 3
EDFS 002 School and Society  3
Academic Major  6
EDTE 056 D1:Lang Policy Issues,Race&Sch  3
Year Total: 15 15
EDSC 011 Ed Tech in Sec Ed Classroom3  
Academic Major3 6
Academic Major or Minor3 3
General Education Courses6 3
EDSC 207 Development:Theory & Applctn  4
Year Total: 15 16
EDSC 209 Practicum in Teaching4  
EDSC 216 Curr,Instr&Assmt Sec Schl Tchr3  
Academic Major6 6
Academic Major or Minor3 3
EDSC 215 Reading in Secondary Schools  4
Special Methods  3
Year Total: 16 16
EDSC 226 Teaching Internship12  
EDSC 230 Teaching for Results3  
Academic Major  6
Academic Major or Minor  6
Year Total: 15 12
Total Credits in Sequence: 120