Computer Science and Information Systems B.S.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

A minimum of 120 credits are required and must include the following:

Computer Science (44-45 credits)
CS 050Seminar for New CS Majors1
CS 008QR: Intro to Web Site Dev3
CS 021QR: Computer Programming I 13
CS 064QR: Discrete Structures3
CS 110QR: Intermediate Programming 14
CS 120QR: Advanced Programming3
CS 121QR: Computer Organization3
CS 124QR: Data Struc & Algorithms3
CS 148QR: Database Design for Web3
CS 224QR:Algorithm Design & Analysis3
CS 292Senior Seminar1
Fifteen additional CS credits: Three credits at the 100-level or above (CS 125 recommended for students who wish to pursue graduate study in CS); Twelve credits at the 200-level or above15
Business Administration (24 credits)
BSAD 030Decision Analysis3
BSAD 060Financial Accounting3
BSAD 061Managerial Accounting3
BSAD 120Leadership & Org Behavior3
BSAD 150Marketing Management3
BSAD 173Operations Management3
BSAD 180Managerial Finance3
BSAD Elective (100-level or above)3
Economics (6 credits)
EC 011Principles of Macroeconomics3
EC 012Principles of Microeconomics3
Mathematics (8 credits)
MATH 021QR: Calculus I 24
MATH 022QR: Calculus II 24
Probability & Statistics (6 credits)
STAT 143QR: Statistics for Engineering3
STAT 151QR: Applied Probability3
or CS 128 QR:Probability Models & Infrnc
Natural Sciences (7 credits)
Two courses, one of which must be a lab course that totals 4 credits, chosen from:
Astronomy (ASTR) - All courses
Biology (BIOL) - All courses
BioCore (BCOR) - All courses
Chemistry (CHEM) - All courses
Geology (GEOL) - All coureses
Physics (PHYS) - All courses
Plant Biology (PBIO) - All courses
Weather, Climate & Landscapes
Global Environmental Change
Microbiology & Pathogenesis
Learning, Cognition & Behavior
Physiological Psychology
Animal Behavior
Hormones and Behavior
Sel Topics Behavioral Neurosci