Statistics Minor

Each student pursuing the statistics minor is assigned a minor advisor, appointed by the Program Director, in consultation with the student and faculty.
Statistics (STAT) courses are selected in consultation with the advisor to represent a cohesive curricula that considers the student's mathematical
background and relates to the student's educational and career goals.


Choose one course in calculus:3-4
QR: Fundamentals of Calculus I
QR: Calculus I
Total of fifteen credits of statistics courses including:15
One introductory statistics course selected from the following: 13
QR:Basic Statistical Methods 1
QR: Statistics for Engineering
QR: Statistical Methods I
One intermediate statistics course selected from the following:3
QR:Basic Statistical Methods 2
QR: Statistical Methods II
Computing/programming requirement: 23
QR:Stat Computing&Data Anlysis (Recommended)


No more than six credits selected from the following courses may count toward the minor: STAT 051, STAT 111, STAT 141, STAT 143, STAT 211 or EC 170.

Ineligible Majors: Statistics major in CEMS (within B.S. Mathematical Sciences degree); Statistics Concentration in CAS (within Mathematics major)