Statistics Minor


Choose one course in calculus:3-4
Fundamentals of Calculus I
Calculus I
Or equivalent
Total of fifteen credits of statistics courses (no more than seven credits at the introductory level) including:
One introductory statistics course selected from the following:3
Probability With Statistics
Elements of Statistics
Basic Statistical Methods
Statistics for Engineering
Statistical Methods I
Economic Methods 1
STAT 201 or a computer programming course such as CS 020 or CS 021 (or higher) 23
STAT 211 recommended to prepare for subsequent 200 level STAT courses

EC 170 counts toward the fifteen credits of statistics course work.


STAT 201 counts toward the fifteen credits of statistics coursework. CS 020 and CS 021 fulfill programming requirement for statistics minor, but do not count toward required fifteen credits of statistics course work.


Ineligible Majors: Statistics major in CEMS (within B.S. Mathematical Sciences degree); Statistics Concentration in CAS (within Mathematics major)