Wildlife Biology Minor


Fifteen credits.

Required Courses
WFB 130Ornithology3
WFB 174Prin of Wildlife Management3
Elective Courses
WFB 271Wetlands Wildlife4
or WFB 283 Terrestrial Wildlife
WFB 131Field Ornithology2
WFB 150Wldlf Habitat & Pop Measrmnt1
WFB 176Florida Ecology Field Trip2
WFB 177Texas Wildlife Field Trip2
WFB 185Special Topics1-6
WFB 187Undergrad Special Projects1-5
WFB 224Conservation Biology4
WFB 274Terrestrial Wildlife Lab1
WFB 275Wildlife Behavior3
WFB 279Marine Ecology3
WFB 283Terrestrial Wildlife4
WFB 285Advanced Special Topics1-6
WFB 287Advanced Special Projects1-6


BIOL 001Principles of Biology4
or BCOR 011 Exploring Biology
BIOL 002Principles of Biology4
or BCOR 012 Exploring Biology
NR 103Ecology, Ecosystems & Environ3-4
or BCOR 102 Ecology and Evolution