English B.A.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Major Requirements

Thirty-three credits to include1:

ENGS 085Intro to Literary Studies3
One of the following two-course sequences:6
British Literature I
and British Literature II
American Literature I
and American Literature II
Lit Western Trad I:Intg Humn
and Lit Western Trad II: Intg Humn
ENGS 100Literary Theory3
At least eighteen credits numbered 101 or higher, at least three of which must be from courses numbered ENGS 201- ENGS 282 (senior seminars) 18
Three additional credits in ENGS courses numbered 005 or above3
Students must complete one of the following concentrations: 2
British and Anglophone Literary Traditions: at least nine hours in the following courses including three hours in literature before 1700 (ENGS 110-113, ENGS 133-146, ENGS 158, ENGS 161-162, ENGS 164-165, ENGS 167-169, ENGS 173, ENGS 179, ENGS 180-182, ENGS 189, Senior Seminar [200-level]) 2
American Literary Traditions: at least nine hours in the following courses, including at least three hours in literature before 1900 (ENGS 110-113, ENGS 150-153, ENGS 156, ENGS 158, ENGS 159-160, ENGS 163, ENGS 164-169, ENGS 171-172, ENGS 173, ENGS 176-178, ENGS 179, Senior Seminar [200-level]) 2
Cultural Studies: at least nine hours in the following courses (FTS 121-198, ENGS 110-113, ENGS 143, ENGS 156, ENGS 160, ENGS 163, ENGS 168-169, ENGS 177, ENGS 179, ENGS 189, Senior Seminar [200-level]) 2
Writing: six credits from the following three courses (ENGS 50: Expository Writing; ENGS 51: Topics in Composition; and ENGS 53: Introduction to Creative Writing) and at least six hours in the following courses (ENGS 104-105, ENGS 107-108, ENGS 114, ENGS 117-120, Senior Seminar [200-level]) 3
Individually Designed Concentration: At least three courses numbered 101 or higher (may include the Senior Seminar) in an intellectually coherent area of concentration defined in a proposal approved by the faculty adviser and the director of undergraduate advising in English
One world literature (WLIT) course may count toward the major.
No more than nine credits of Film and Television Studies (FTS) at any level shall count toward the major.