Community and International Development Minor


CDAE 1020World Food,Pop & Develop3
CDAE 1610Principles of Comm Dev Econ (CAS students may substitute EC012 for CDAE 1610)3
CDAE 2020Sustainable Community Dev3
Choose 1 of the following:3
Community&Int'l Econ Transform
Sust. Development Travel Study
Community Develpmt:St Lucia I
Local Community Initiatives
Project Development & Planning
Internship (or SL course approved by advisor)
Choose 1 of the following:3
Drafting & Design: SketchUp II
Comparative Food Systems
Doc. Film for Social Change
Crisis Communication
Community Media Production
Propaganda, Media, & Cit Respn
Consumer Law and Policy
Consumer Law in Action I
Design+Cultural Entreprneurshp
Green Building Energy Systems
Evolving Trends in Int'l Devel
Global Media & Intl Developmen
Community Develpmt:St Lucia I
Rural Comm in Modern Society
The Real Cost of Food
Agricultural Policy and Ethics
Community Org & Development
Economics of Sustainability
Contemp Policy Iss:Comm Dev
Macroeconomics for Appl Econ
Microeconomics for Appl Econ
Applied Consumption Economics
Consumer Law in Action II
Smart Resilient Communities
Int'l Economic Development
Community Design Studio
Applied Community Planning
Adv Sust Dev Sm Island States
Or other courses as approved by advisor
No more than two courses may count toward a student's major and minor for CCD, CENT, PCOM, and CID majors or other CDAE minors.


Ineligible Major: Community and International Development, Natural Resource Planning