Mechanical Engineering


The main asset of the UVM mechanical engineering graduate program is certainly the human factor, including our dedicated faculty and staff, and motivated students.


We continuously update our curriculum to address modern topics in mechanical engineering, and to offer a breadth of courses that makes studying in our program more flexible, whether the student intends to earn an M.S. as a continuing student from local industries, or directly obtain a doctorate right from the bachelor's degree. Most of our graduate students are full-time and actively engaged in research projects with one or two faculty mentors who are dedicated to their success. The size of the program also enables them to have close interactions with the rest of the faculty, and to regularly participate in the life of the program via graduate student seminars and invited speaker presentations.


Since its creation, students from across the United States and various countries around the world have graduated from the UVM mechanical engineering graduate program. Also, we actively seek to admit a diverse group of students in mechanical engineering to address the contemporary challenges of our society. To date, our graduates have achieved successful careers in academia as distinguished professors, in industry as engineers and entrepreneurs, and in government positions as program directors for national funding agencies or scientists at national laboratories.

Faculty and Research

The success of our graduate program is built on a distinguished faculty whose research is recognized nationally and internationally through innovation, dissemination of knowledge in high-impact journals, and research awards. Our focus is to create a research environment that is often interdisciplinary and collaborative from which our students can flourish. Our faculty is actively engaged in applied and fundamental research to address timely scientific questions relevant to mechanical engineering, using experimental, computational and theoretical methods. The mechanical engineering faculty at UVM works closely with students in five research areas: 1- Computational Multiscale Simulations & Theory; 2- Thermo-fluid & Aerospace Engineering; 3- Medical Research; 4 - Dynamical Sensing, Robotics and Control, and 5- Materials Science and Engineering.


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