Oral Communication (OC)

Oral communication refers to how speakers create and use messages to generate meanings across a wide variety of contexts and cultures. This includes the use of verbal and nonverbal communication practices. The oral communication general education requirement aims to enhance students’ ability to speak, listen, and interact with others effectively and ethically. Students will develop effective speaking skills, including crafting messages that are appropriately adapted to purpose, audience, context, and occasion. In addition, students will gain proficiency in practices of effective listening and the critical analysis of oral presentation. Furthermore, competency in oral communication will demonstrate students’ abilities to understand and synthesize theories of human communication and how to utilize and apply these theories to crafting effective speaking and listening practices. Courses in this category provide students with an understanding of the form, content, effectiveness, and ethical dimensions of verbal and nonverbal communication. Courses are not required to be delivered in English; sign language courses that develop equivalent communication skills through a signed linguistic modality may also fulfill this requirement. 

Students are required to take 1 OC course -OR- 1 WIL2 course.

BME 4600 Capstone Design I 0,3
BUS 1130 Business Communications 3
CALS 1010 Foundations:Communication Meth 0,3
CALS 2830 Communication Methods 0,3
CHIN 1100 1st Year College Chinese I 4
CHIN 1200 1st Year College Chinese II 4
CHIN 2100 2nd Year College Chinese I 4
CHIN 2200 2nd Year College Chinese II 4
FREN 1200 Elementary French II 4
FREN 2200 Intermediate French II 3
FREN 2208 TR Intermediate French II 3
FREN 2209 AP Intermediate French II 3
FREN 3115 Focus on Oral Expression 3
GEOL 3405 Environmental Geochem w/lab 0,4
GERM 1100 Elementary German I 4
GERM 1200 Elementary German II 0,4
GERM 2100 Intermediate German I 3
GERM 2200 Intermediate German II 3
GERM 2202 Interm Germ II: Sustainability 3
HLTH 3860 Health & Well Coaching Advance 4
ITAL 1200 Elementary Italian II 4
ITAL 2200 Intermediate Italian II 3
ITAL 2208 TR Intermediate Italian II 3
ITAL 2209 AP Intermediate Italian II 3
JAPN 1100 Elementary Japanese I 0,4
JAPN 1200 Elementary Japanese II 0,4
JAPN 2100 Intermediate Japanese I 4
JAPN 2200 Intermediate Japanese II 4
RUSS 1100 Elementary Russian I 4
RUSS 1200 Elementary Russian II 4
RUSS 2100 Intermediate Russian I 4
SPAN 1200 Elementary Spanish II 4
SPAN 2200 Intermediate Spanish II 3
SPAN 2202 Interm Span II: Sustainability 3
SPAN 2208 TR Intermediate Spanish II 3
SPAN 2209 AP Intermediate Spanish II 3
SPCH 1400 Effective Speaking 3
SPCH 1410 Argument & Advocacy 3
SPCH 1610 Social Justice Debates 3
THE 1100 Intro to Acting 3
THE 1150 Improvisation Workshop 3