The University reserves the right to change course offerings at any time.

A student who lacks the stated prerequisites for a course may be permitted to enroll by the Instructor. Such students must inform the Instructor that they lack the prerequisites, and the Instructor will make appropriate efforts to ascertain that they are properly qualified. Students enrolled who do not meet the prerequisites of a course may be disenrolled from that course. The Instructor will notify the Office of the Registrar of this action.

About UVM Graduate Courses

Course Levels

Graduate courses are offered at the following levels:

  • 5000-Level courses are entry-level graduate courses that may have graduate, but not undergraduate prerequisites; 5000-level courses cannot be required for an undergraduate curriculum but may be used as an option for completing requirements.
  • 6000-Level courses are master's level courses and may have graduate prerequisites and/or program restrictions including Instructor permission.
  • 7000-Level courses are doctoral level courses and may have graduate prerequisites and/or program restrictions including Instructor permission.
  • 9000-Level courses are used for graduate administrative courses.

Enrollment Restrictions

Provided students meet the course prerequisites/restrictions, enrollment restrictions by graduate course-level follow:

  • Undergraduate, Professional and Continuing Education, and graduate students may enroll in 5000-level courses without approval unless the course prerequisite states 'Graduate student," limiting enrollment to Graduate students only.
  • Graduate students may enroll in 6000-level courses; undergraduate and Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) students may enroll in 6000-level courses with Instructor permission (non-Graduate student enrollment should be no more than 25% of the total course enrollment).
  • Doctoral students may enroll in 7000-level courses; Master's and PACE students who hold a baccalaureate degree may enroll in 7000-level courses with Instructor permission; with the exception of specifically approved programs, undergraduate students may not enroll in 7000-level courses.
  • With prior approval of their program and the Graduate College, Master's students may enroll in 3 credits of 3000-level or 4000-level course work and Doctoral students may enroll in 6 credits of 3000-level or 4000-level coursework that will apply towards their graduate credit requirements.
  • Courses numbered below 5000 are not eligible for inclusion in a Certificate of Graduate Study or a microCertificate of Graduate Study. 

Other Course Information

Information about UVM undergraduate courses can be found here.

Special Topics Course Policy - Information for Faculty Members

A course offered under the Special Topics course rubric (i.e., X990) may be presented up to three times within a ten-year period before it must be submitted for review as a permanent course offering listed under a unique course number in the Catalogue.