Writing and Information Literacy Tier 2 (WIL2)

Courses that fulfill WIL2 help students gain familiarity and fluency with genres, conventions, and formats typical in a discipline or field as well as develop a deeper understanding of how knowledge is accessed, developed, and shared. WIL2 courses build on skills and processes introduced in Foundational Writing and Information Literacy (WIL1) but refined through the conventions and practices of the field or discipline, including writing appropriately for different purposes, audiences, and contexts; posing and pursuing questions using relevant, reliable, and useful information while integrating and documenting sources correctly; understanding and evaluating ideas and evidence in texts; and developing flexible writing processes, including planning, drafting, revising, and polishing.

Students are required to take 1 WIL2 course -OR- 1 OC-Oral Communication course.

BHSC 1980 Intro to Scientific Writing 3
CEE 4950 Capstone Design 3
CS 2300 Advanced Programming 3
CS 3280 Human-Computer Interaction 3
CSD 3620 Measurement of Comm Processes 4
EDEL 4880 Student Teaching Seminar 3
EE 3415 Electronics Design Project 0,3
ENGL 2000 Literary Theory 3
FREN 3110 Writing Workshop 3
GEOG 2550 Qualitative Research Methods 3
HST 2050 History Methods 3
MATH 4344 Topology 3
MATH 4788 Exploring Biomathematics 3
NR 3010 Research Methods 3
POLS 3730 Mexican Politics 3
POLS 4310 VT Legislative Research Srvc 3
PRNU 2110 Art & Science of Nursing 3
PSS 3250 Eco Frontiers in Agroecology 3
PSS 3320 Biological Control 3
SPAN 3110 Topics in Composition & Convrs 3
WFB 2170 Scientific Writing and Interpr 4