Classics Program

Classics, the study of Greek and Roman civilization in the broadest sense, is the original and quintessential liberal arts degree. The field is inherently multidisciplinary and provides access to a cultural continuum spanning over three millennia up to and including the present day.

The program offers language instruction in Latin and ancient Greek and an array of English-language courses that cover a wide area: mythology, epic and lyric poetry, drama, satire, art and architecture, historiography, political theory, and philosophy. The special research interests of UVM's Classics faculty shape and enrich the department's curriculum, integrating in-depth work in topics such as oral tradition studies; the history of writing, books and printing; ancient farming and technology; ancient music; ancient Near Eastern history and literature; historical linguistics and etymology; Greek and Roman philosophy; Roman history; topography, and myth; and women in antiquity.

Students pursuing a major or minor in Classics have the option of concentrating their studies on languages or Classical studies more generally, and it is also possible to choose one of those concentrations for the major and pair it with a minor that focuses on the other concentration. The program also offers graduate-level study, with a M.A. and Accelerated Master’s Degree Pathway, as well as a certificate of graduate study in Greek and Latin Languages.