Pre-Professional Options for Undergraduate Students

Pre-medical, pre-dental, and other pre-health students of all majors are supported by the Career Center’s Health Professions Interest Group (HPIG). Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the HPIG website, and in their twice monthly newsletter, to learn about the myriad pathways in health, as well as about networking and job/internship opportunities. Additional information and support are available to those pursuing medical school through the Career Center’s pre-med website. Academic advisors are essential as students select courses and gain experiences in the pursuit of a well-rounded education.

Pre-law preparation is available to students of any major through the Career Center's pre-law advisors and several faculty members in the College of Arts & Sciences. Students can explore the field and learn about the law school experience through events and opportunities promoted on the pre-law listserv and the Career Center’s Education, Policy and Social Impact Interest Group. Advisors meet with students at any point during their college career and support students through the law school application process. For more information, visit the pre-law section of the Career Center’s website and sign up for the listserv there.

Pre-vet preparation and advising is offered in Animal Sciences, a major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.