Admission to the Honors College

Admission to the Honors College is based on prior academic performance and students are admitted in one of two ways. First-year students are invited to the Honors College based on the strength of their application for admission to the university; no additional application is required. Approximately 260 first-year students comprise each year's class. The Honors College recognizes and encourages academic excellence; it also welcomes applications for sophomore admission from students who were not in the Honors College in the first year and are among the top performers as first-year students at UVM. Sophomore admission requires an application form, a 3.40 grade-point average at the end of the first year, a letter of recommendation from a UVM faculty member, and a brief essay. Students are admitted on a space-available basis. 

External transfer students who have completed a minimum of two semesters of full-time undergraduate study and have a minimum grade point average of 3.40 from their former institution are eligible to apply for admission to UVM's selective Honors College on a space-available basis. An application to both to the University of Vermont and to the UVM Honors College is required. A transcript showing final grades, letter of recommendation, and a brief essay are required. Additional details and deadlines are found on the Honors College Transfer Admissions site.