The Master of Arts in Experimental or Clinical Psychology is aimed at students who wish to pursue a doctorate and want to strengthen their credentials to be competitive for doctoral programs, students who wish to pursue careers that require research skills, or students who wish to gain an understanding of research as it pertains to intervention and prevention. 

The Ph.D. program in Experimental Psychology admits students in 4 broad areas of concentration ("clusters"): Biobehavioral Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Social Psychology; and Behavioral Psychopharmacology.

The Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology places equal emphasis on research and clinical training. The Clinical Psychology program is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association.

The Ph.D. program in Clinical/Developmental Psychology provides students with training in the area of developmental psychopathology. Students completing the Clinical/Developmental degree meet the requirements of the Clinical program and those of the Developmental cluster in the Experimental program.

Further information about graduate programs can be obtained electronically from the Department of Psychological Science website, which contains details of requirements, funding opportunities, clinical and research facilities, specialty areas, ongoing research, and faculty.


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