Foundational Writing and Information Literacy (FW)

Information on this page applies to students who matriculated before Fall 2023.

Foundational Writing and Information Literacy courses provide undergraduates instruction and practice in reading, writing, and researching wide ranging texts for different situations, inside and outside of the academy.

The following courses meet the foundational writing and informational literacy requirement:

All First-Year Seminars (FYS)

ENGS 001 / ENGL 1001

ENGS 002 / ENGL 1002

HCOL 085 / HCOL 1000

HCOL 086 / HCOL 1500

Recommended Enrollment:

College of Arts and Sciences Students

First Year Seminars (FYS)

Honors College Students

HCOL 085 and HCOL 086 / HCOL 1000 and HCOL 1500

Students in all other colleges

ENGS 001 / ENGL 1001

Speakers of Other Languages

An "A" section of ENGS 001 / ENGL 1001 : "Written Expression: Interntl"

Transfer Students

ENGS 002 / ENGL 1002