Fellowships, Assistantships, Traineeships, Stipends, and Grants

Students who wish to be considered for fellowships must follow the guidelines for the specific fellowship as well as application deadlines for their program. Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships are awarded by departments/programs.

Application for fellowships and assistantships is normally made by completing the appropriate section on the application form. No separate form is required except where indicated in the descriptions below.

Tuition scholarships accompanying Graduate Teaching, College, Research, and Student Affairs Assistantships do not cover audits or physical education activity courses, nor do they cover courses numbered below 200 or 200-level courses not approved for graduate credit, except upon prior approval of the Dean of the Graduate College.

Students are responsible for paying all mandatory fees- currently $1,154 per semester.

Graduate Teaching and/or Research Assistantships

Graduate Teaching and/or Research assistantships are awarded through many of the departments and programs offering graduate work. For AY 2021-22, 9-month appointments have minimum stipends of  $16,841 for master's and $20,636 for doctoral students; 12-month appointments have minimum stipends of $22,455 for master's and $27,514 for doctoral students. Some programs have stipends higher than the minimum.

Graduate Teaching, Research or Research/Teaching assistants must maintain full time enrollment of a minimum of nine credits (or GRAD 903) per semester. In addition to the stipend, the assistantship award includes a tuition scholarship for up nine credits per semester (and up to 5 credits in summer if on a 12-month assistantship) during the period of the assistantship.

Approximately 20 hours of research and/or teaching effort per week is required of Graduate Teaching, Research or Research/Teaching assistants, and assistants must expect that more than one academic year will be necessary to complete the requirements for the master's degree. If a Teaching or Research/Teaching assistant is a candidate for the doctoral degree, at least four calendar years must be anticipated for completion of the academic program. Generally, assistants are appointed in the departments in which they are doing graduate work.

The University and the Division of Student Affairs Graduate Assistantships

The Division of Student Affairs works to create a campus environment where all students can be healthy, successful and engaged. Each year the Division and other campus partners offer several assistantships to provide graduate students with a professional opportunity to develop and support departmental goals and programs to enhance the learning and growth of our undergraduate students.

The assistantships offer graduate students the opportunity to utilize theory and reflective practices to examine their roles as student affairs practitioners by working directly with students while learning about the field of student affairs and higher education administration.

Graduate Assistants play a critical role at the University and within the Division of Student Affairs. The candidates selected to fill these positions are assigned to work in various departments on campus, some of the opportunities are within the division (e.g. Residential Life) and others are located in other student services areas. Graduate students who hold assistantships gain valuable experience in the areas of advising, administration, supervision and program development. The majority of graduate students who presently hold these positions are enrolled in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration (HESA) graduate program.

Selection is based upon academic record, character, recommendations, and quality of related experiences. A personal interview is required.

Requests for applications and additional information should be addressed to the Graduate and Professional Development Coordinator at sagrads@uvm.edu. Completed applications must be received by December 1st for full consideration. Assistantship appointments are announced throughout the following April.  Applications received after December 1st will be considered only for unanticipated openings.

University of Vermont
Vice Provost and Dean of Students Office
41 South Prospect Street
Burlington, VT 05405-0094

Extramurally-funded Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are generally available when a faculty member receives a grant from a source external to the university. Graduate Assistants are generally appointed for twelve months with minimum stipends of $22, 455 for master's and $27,514 for doctoral students for 2021-2022.  These stipend levels are pro-rated for reduced lengths. In addition to the stipend, the assistantship award includes a tuition scholarship for up nine credits per semester (and up to 5 credits in summer if on a 12-month assistantship) during the period of the assistantship from a combination of grant and UVM resources. Some programs have stipends higher than the minimum.

Approximately 20 hours of effort per week on the grant-sponsored project is required of extramurally-funded Graduate Assistants.  More than one academic year will be necessary for the completion of the master's degree, and more for completion of the doctoral degree. For information on the availability of extramurally funded assistantships, contact the chair or graduate program coordinator of the department.

Graduate Fellowships/Traineeships

Graduate Fellowships/Traineeships are available in some departments through grants from various state and federal agencies. Fellowships/Traineeships may include both a stipend and tuition scholarship.

Travel Mini-Grants

The Graduate College provides mini-travel grants to help students underwrite the cost of attending conferences where they will present papers or posters based upon their research. The Mini-Grants Program is administered by the Graduate Student Senate. Funds are awarded three times per year. The student's home department must provide a match. Further information on the Mini-Grants Program is available at the GSS website.

Small Grants for Research Support

The Graduate College has funds for small awards (up to $750) to graduate students to support their thesis or dissertation research. These awards are limited to students in programs  where extramural support is typically not available and resources from their program or academic college/school are not available.

Other Fellowships

Fellowships established by private donors or through departmental resources are available periodically in some departments. Please check the website for the program in which you are interested for this information.  In addition, the Graduate College has several awards for students in specific disciplines. Please see the Student Awards page on the Graduate College Website for further information.