Admission Information

The University of Vermont (UVM) welcomes applications from students of diverse backgrounds. Through a holistic admissions review, UVM selects students with potential for academic success who will contribute to the UVM community. The rigor of an applicant’s academic program, grades, standardized test results (if submitted), and trends in performance are considered. Essays, a letter of recommendation, and other evidence of each student’s life experience and character also assist the evaluation. In recognition of the university’s focus on engaging with global, national, and state issues, UVM’s admissions policies have a firm commitment to residents of the state of Vermont.

The University of Vermont also welcomes applications from transfer students. Transfer candidates are evaluated on performance in college-level course work completed, standing at previous institutions, and/or other credentials that reflect educational history. For transfer candidates who present fewer than twenty-one semester credits, the high school record is more heavily weighted. With twenty-one or more college credits, the college record assumes more importance. The high school record will help determine completion of entrance requirements for the selected field of study. Course work not completed at the high school level may be fulfilled by equivalent college-level academic work. Students who were wait-listed or denied admission previously as high school students should be working towards completing two semesters of rigorous coursework at the point of applying to UVM.

University admissions staff reviews applications and is responsible for rendering final admissions decisions. Academic unit representatives may be consulted on a case-by-case basis when a candidate’s credentials are inconclusive. Admission policies are developed by the Office of Admissions in collaboration with the schools and colleges that constitute the University of Vermont and are subject to review by the University of Vermont Faculty Senate, the Vice President for Enrollment Management, and the Provost’s Office.

At a minimum, candidates for admission are expected to complete the entrance requirements prior to enrollment. These requirements have been established by the UVM faculty to ensure exposure to broad fields of intellectual inquiry; some programs require further study as indicated in the following sections. Most successful candidates have exceeded the minimums in all or most areas and, in many cases, present honors level course work, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, or other rigorous course work.