The Statistics Program offers biostatistics, statistics, data science and probability courses for the entire university community along with traditional degree programs and individually designed degree programs emphasizing statistics applied to other fields. The degree programs are designed primarily for students who plan careers in data science, business, actuarial science, industry, and government or advanced training in disciplines that make extensive use of statistical methods and data science. The program faculty is deeply involved in consulting and collaborative research in a wide variety of fields, including industry, agriculture, and in the basic and clinical medical sciences. These research activities along with the research of other quantitative UVM faculty offer students unique opportunities to apply their classroom training to "real world" problems. Qualified students with the goal of learning statistics to use in a specialized area of application are especially encouraged to take advantage of these cooperative arrangements.

Program faculty have active statistics research efforts in areas such as bioinformatics, statistical genetics, Bayesian models, survival data analysis, discriminant analysis, bootstrap methods, machine learning, predictive modeling, networks, categorical data analysis, measurement error models, and experimental design. Students seeking the traditional graduate degree in statistics (along with course work in mathematics and computer science, if desired) have excellent opportunities to participate in the faculty's research.


Statistics AMP

Statistics M.S.