The Biology Graduate Program has excellent students and world-class faculty members who advise them. Faculty members work with students to design a set of courses, a research project and other activities that will prepare them for their career choice of:

  • academic research
  • medical institution research
  • private sector research
  • government work
  • teaching at the baccalaureate level

No matter what the choice is, this program will help students to develop as research scientists who know how to write, think critically, and express themselves effectively. Faculty will also help students to network and find the right position for their next step: postdoctoral training, industry, teaching position, etc. All Biology students learn to teach undergraduates, helping to develop teaching skills which will serve them well regardless of whether teaching is their ultimate career goal. Biology graduate students are very successful and are appreciated for their contribution to undergraduate research, to the research program of the faculty, and to the quality and liveliness of the Biology Department.

The research of Biology faculty is very diverse and ranges from cell and molecular biology, neuroscience, and developmental biology, through animal behavior, ecology, and evolution. Faculty and student research typically range across these disciplines and students are encouraged to seek out diverse faculty for their graduate committee to meet their particular needs.

Biology offers an Accelerated Masters Degree, a Masters Degree, a Doctor of Philosophy degree, and a Masters of Science in Teaching degree.  


Biology AMP
Biology M.S.
Biology M.S.T.
Biology Ph.D.