Undergraduate Majors

Agroecology and Landscape Design B.S.
Animal Science B.S.
Anthropology B.A.
Anthropology B.S.
Art History B.A.
Art: Studio Art B.A.
Asian Studies B.A.
Biochemistry B.S. (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Biochemistry B.S. (College of Arts and Sciences)
Biological Science B.S. (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Biological Science B.S. (College of Arts and Sciences)
Biology B.A.
Biomedical Engineering B.S.BME.
Business Administration B.S.BA.
Chemistry B.A.
Chemistry B.S.
Chinese B.A.
Civil Engineering B.S.CE.
Classics B.A.
Communication Sciences and Disorders B.S.
Community and International Development B.S.
Community-Centered Design B.S.
Community Entrepreneurship B.S.
Computer Science B.A. (College of Arts and Sciences)
Computer Science B.S.CS. (College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences)
Computer Science and Information Systems B.S.
Dance B.A.
Data Science B.S.
Economics B.A.
Economics B.S.
Electrical Engineering B.S.EE.
Engineering B.S.E.
Engineering Management B.S.EM.
English B.A.
Environmental Engineering B.S.EV.
Environmental Sciences B.S. (Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources)
Environmental Studies B.A. (College of Arts and Sciences)
European Studies B.A.
Exercise Science B.S.
Film and Television Studies B.A.
Food Systems B.S.
Forestry B.S.
French B.A.
Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies B.A.
Geography B.A.
German B.A.
Global Studies B.A.
Health and Society B.A.
History B.A.
Human Development and Family Science B.S.
Individually Designed B.A.
Individually Designed B.S.Ed.
Japanese B.A.
Latin American and Caribbean Studies B.A.
Linguistics B.A.
Mathematics B.A. (College of Arts and Sciences)
Mathematics B.S.MSC. (College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences)
Mechanical Engineering B.S.ME.
Medical Laboratory Science B.S.
Medical Radiation Sciences B.S.
Microbiology B.S.
Molecular Genetics B.S.
Music B.A.
Neuroscience B.A.
Neuroscience B.S.
Nursing B.S.
Nutrition and Food Sciences B.S.
Parks, Recreation and Tourism B.S.
Philosophy B.A.
Physics B.A.
Physics B.S.
Plant Biology B.S. (College of Arts and Sciences)
Plant Biology B.S. (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Political Science B.A.
Psychological Science B.A.
Psychological Science B.S.
Public Communication B.S.
Public Health Sciences B.S.
Religion B.A.
Russian B.A.
Russian and East European Studies B.A.
Self-Designed B.S.
Social Work B.S.W.
Sociology B.A.
Spanish B.A.
Statistics B.S.MSC.
Sustainability, Ecology and Policy B.S.
Teacher Education: Art Education (PreK-12) B.S.AE.
Teacher Education: Early Childhood Education (Birth-Gr3) B.S.Ed.
Teacher Education: Elementary Education (K-6) B.S.Ed.
Teacher Education: Middle Level Education (5-9) B.S.Ed.
Teacher Education: Music Education (Pre-K - 12) B.S.MS.
Teacher Education: Physical Education (Pre-K - 12) B.S.Ed.
Teacher Education: Secondary Education (7 - 12) B.S.Ed.
Theatre B.A.
Wildlife and Fisheries Biology B.S.
Zoology B.A.
Zoology B.S.