Graduate Course Enrollment for Undergraduate Students

UVM Senior undergraduates may enroll for up to 6 graduate credits at UVM under the following circumstances: courses must be available for graduate credit and and cannot be independent study, practicum, internship, or research credit courses; approval to take the course for graduate credit is obtained from the Dean of the Graduate College and the dean of the undergraduate school or college in which the student is enrolled prior to taking the course; and the course must not be computed as part of the bachelor’s degree. Students may request graduate credit for a course by completing the form found on the Faculty and Current Student Resources page of Graduate College website. Graduate credit can be used as transfer credit into a UVM graduate program if the course is deemed appropriate by the student’s advisor for the particular graduate program and the student earned a grade of B or better. The transfer is credit only (not grade) and does not count towards the minimum graded credit required after matriculation into the graduate program.  Generally, other institutions will not accept such credit, earned before award of the bachelor's degree, in transfer to their graduate programs.