Mathematical Sciences


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers programs towards the Master of Science, Master of Science for Teachers, and Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematical Sciences. The Ph.D. program has three areas of concentration: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics. The Department also offers a M.S. degrees in Statistics and in Biostatistics and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Complex Systems & Data Science. It has Accelerated Master’s Programs in Mathematics and in Statistics, which are available to UVM undergraduate students.

Opportunities for research arise from the research interests of the Department faculty, which include: algebraic geometry, algebraic and computational topology, arithmetic geometry, combinatorics/graph theory, complex systems, computational social science, Fourier/harmonic analysis, logic, mathematical cryptography, network science, number theory, topological data analysis, biomathematics, fluid mechanics, numerical methods for, and analytical theories of, partial differential equations, as well as bioinformatics, time series analysis, survival analysis, discriminant analysis, classification methods, bootstrap methods, categorical data analysis, measurement error models, and experimental design.  


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