Requirements for Visiting Graduate Students

  1. Visitors will be enrolled (or active) in accredited graduate degree programs elsewhere (U.S. or abroad).
  2. Visitors will participate at UVM in formal fellowship programs or graduate-level research projects under the direction of UVM faculty.
  3. Funding for the fellowship or research activity generally will be from external sources.
  4. Visitors will normally perform the equivalent of at least 5 credits of course work or research credit per semester during the term of the appointment.
  5. Visitors will enroll for a Visiting Graduate Student Research section of GRAD 9020 or GRAD 9030, depending on the level of expected effort, each term (to include Fall, Spring and Summer) they are at UVM. Permission to enroll in the section is required from the Graduate College. Fees1 and level of access to UVM facilities are established by the enrollment level with a minimum provision of a UVM student ID card and access to the library, fitness center and bus privileges and can be found on the Continuous Graduate Registration topic found under Academic and Enrollment Policies in this catalogue.
  6. With the equivalent of half-time student status (GRAD 9020), visiting graduate students will be eligible to enroll in the UVM student health insurance plan. Normally, visitors will be required to show proof of existing medical insurance coverage comparable to or greater than the UVM student health insurance plan, or else be required to enroll in the UVM plan.
  7. Visitors will be appointed for a period of up to 1 year as determined by the Dean of the Graduate College and consistent with the educational objectives of the Visitor. Visitors may be reappointed by the dean; in most cases, the maximum total period of Visitor status will not exceed 2 years.
  8. Visitors enrolled for Visiting Graduate Student Research are not enrolled in UVM degree programs and thus will not be eligible for financial aid, i.e., federal loans or work study, through the University of Vermont.
  9. International students should contact the Office of International Education for information on visas and transition to UVM. For information regarding tax status, refer to Tax Information, Foreign Nationals/Nonresident Aliens on the Division of Finance website.
  10. Visitor appointments will be made by the department or program subject to the approval of the college or school and the Dean of the Graduate College. Appointing departments will request visiting graduate student status from the Graduate College dean's office by providing a description of the research or other academic activity, an official transcript or a letter from the student's home institution indicating that the student is currently enrolled or active in a graduate program at that institution, and a completed cover sheet with basic background information. The Graduate College dean's office will maintain a file on all individuals appointed as Visitors. The Visiting Graduate Student Form to request Visitor Status can be found on the Graduate College website Resources page.

2024-2025 fees are $200 per semester for GRAD 9020 and $300 per semester for GRAD 9030. For students who also want eligibility to utilize the Center for Health and Well Being and/or to purchase UVM health insurance, an additional fee of $431.50 is required. The estimated annual health insurance premium for the 2024-2025 school year is not yet available; the 2023-2024 premium was $3,814 per year.