Department of History

The History Department at the University of Vermont is large enough to offer a wide range of courses and small enough to give students individual attention. Many members of the faculty have earned international reputations for their contributions to historical scholarship and have held leadership positions in fields as diverse as Islamic law, the history of gender and sexuality, Holocaust Studies, and the history of slavery. At the same time, they are all dedicated teachers, offering innovative and exciting classes at all levels.

Majors are required to take a class on historical methods and courses in three areas: the Americas, Europe, and the non-Western world. All students in the department are encouraged, if possible, to spend a semester or year studying abroad. A capstone of the major is the senior research seminar, an opportunity to engage deeply with the work of other historians and conduct independent research under faculty direction.

History students master essential life skills, most notably the ability to reach conclusions based upon the analysis of complex and often contradictory evidence, and the skill to articulate these findings clearly and persuasively in written form and oral presentations.

Historic Preservation Program

Since its founding in the 1970s, the University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program has offered a graduate degree in Historic Preservation and courses to upper-level undergraduate students. Enrollment in these courses may require instructor permission or registration overrides. 

Recognizing the diverse contributions that succeeding generations have made to the historic environment, the program regards historic preservation as an impartial form of management which keeps these contributions in balance. The primary education goal is the development of a long-term professional perspective bolstered by training in appropriate skills.