The College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

The College offers stimulating, professionally-oriented programs for students interested in pursuing cutting-edge careers in the fields of engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics, data science, and physics. Each undergraduate program in the College contains a core curriculum, which prepares students to succeed in an increasingly interdisciplinary, diverse, and innovative global community. Each program offers unique opportunities for students to actively engage in their learning experience and to develop as individuals and as global citizens. In addition to building technical acumen, the core curriculum supports students as they develop competencies in professional ethics, technical communication, teamwork, leadership, and data dexterity. Coursework provides multiple active, project-based, field- and service-learning opportunities. Professional development is offered in the form of elective courses, internships, research experience, and other high-impact practices. Students can expect a well-rounded academic experience, including required courses in the humanities and social sciences, mathematics, and computer programming as well as intensive faculty interaction and a culminating capstone experience.