Learning Communities

Learning Communities (LCs) at the University of Vermont are designed to integrate students' residential and academic experiences through housing, linked academic courses and other learning opportunities built around a common theme. LCs engage the whole student, weaving together the intellectual, ethical, cultural, and social aspects of college life. By living with fellow students who share common interests and ideals, the individual student becomes part of a community that is also tied to the greater world beyond the university. In addition, students, faculty, and staff are given the opportunity to interact outside the classroom, the lab, or the office, thereby encouraging the pursuit of knowledge as a lifetime activity.

Engaging in our Community Learning Model, students in LCs participate in a variety of activities that are designed to explore the theme of their community, including workshops, field trips, attending music and theater performances, guest lectures, and participating in recreational and cultural activities. First-time students are offered the opportunity to take a course that complements each community’s theme and learning goals.

More information about these dynamic communities can be found in the Learning Community section of the Residential Life website.