Nontraditional Undergraduate Student Admissions

The admissions office recognizes that candidates 24 years and older who have not been enrolled in an educational institution may require additional consideration in the admissions process.

As with every applicant for admission, nontraditional candidates are required to present official documents of all academic work, including high school transcript and/or General Education Development certificate (GED) or passing HiSET exam and transcripts of all college-level work attempted. The admissions office looks for previous academic performance that would predict success at the university. Students may contact an admissions counselor for further information. Students are also encouraged to describe their activities after high school completion as part of their application to UVM.

Nontraditional applicants who are missing any entrance requirements are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If a record is otherwise admissible, the admissions office may offer admission with a clause requiring completion of missing requirements prior to enrollment or concurrent with the UVM degree program. UVM does not grant college credit through portfolio assessment. Nontraditional candidates may explore credit options through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) website.

Nontraditional applicants who completed college-level courses during high school should refer to the College Credit for High School Classes section of this catalogue.