Requirements for the Master of Professional Studies Degree

In addition to the requirements described below, individual programs may have their own specific requirements. Students must read and familiarize themselves with their program's requirements. Some of them are detailed in this catalogue under individual program listings and other requirements are available from the director or chair of each program.


Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) degrees require a minimum of thirty credits, at least 6 credits of which must be comprised of 6000-level coursework; some programs require more. A minimum grade point average of 3.00 must be achieved. A minimum of fifteen graded credits used in compilation of the graduate GPA must be taken in residence at UVM following matriculation into the master's program. Consult individual program descriptions for specific credit requirements. With the prior approval of their program and the Graduate College, students may apply 3 credits of 3000- or 4000-level coursework toward their graduate program. The student's advisor must petition the Graduate College for approval before the student enrolls in the course. Consult individual programs for further limitations. Under no circumstances will a course numbered below 3000 be applicable to a master's program.

Minimum Residence Requirements

Candidates for the M.P.S. degree must satisfactorily complete 21 credits in residence. The residency requirement is completed by courses that:

  1. are taken for graduate credit through the University of Vermont, and
  2. are taken after the student has been admitted to the Graduate College.

Some programs may require more than the above minimum hours in residence. Consult with the individual program.

Comprehensive Examination

All M.P.S. degree students are required to pass a written and/or oral comprehensive examination in their field of specialization. If both formats are used, satisfactory completion of the written examination is prerequisite to standing for the oral examination. One re-examination only is permitted for any failed comprehensive examination. Consult individual program descriptions for specific information.

There is no fee for the Master's Comprehensive Examination. The student's program director or advisor must notify the Graduate College of the outcome of the examination. The result and date of the examination is recorded as a notation on the academic transcript.


All M.P.S. degree students must complete  a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6  credits of project research or internship to apply their newly acquired knowledge as they develop practical skills.

Capstone Project

All M.P.S. degree students must complete a capstone project that is the culmination of their studies and integrates their research or internship experience  into a professional framework informed by their curriculum. The capstone project must be presented to and assessed by program faculty.