Professional and Continuing Education

Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) serves the University of Vermont’s commitment to lifelong learning and statewide outreach. Through the development and delivery of courses and programs on the UVM campus and online, PACE connects the resources of the university with the needs of diverse non-degree students year-round and undergraduate and graduate students during the summer and winter sessions. PACE’s innovative courses, programs, certificates, and professional education opportunities attract individuals from Vermont and beyond.

The Professional and Continuing Education office is located at 322 South Prospect Street, (802) 656-2085 / (800) 639-3210. PACE's web address is: The email address is

Student Services

Student services are available to individuals enrolled in PACE credit courses and professional educational workshops and seminars. Student services coordinators guide non-degree students through the back to school process, and help current and potential students gain the necessary credentials to attain admission to a degree and/or professional school program. PACE representatives are available to help anyone register for any PACE learning opportunity. Serving as the dean’s office for non-degree students, PACE provides access to the university’s academic resources and support services and helps direct students to the most appropriate office within the larger university. Non-degree students are encouraged to become familiar with the PACE office to learn how to maximize their educational experience. Please call to speak with a student services staff member.

Academic Year and Summer Session

During the academic year courses are offered at varying times to provide greater access to non-degree students who enroll at the University of Vermont. PACE attracts high school students, pre-college and college students, pre-graduate/pre-professional students, and working professionals who are all interested in gaining credits on an official UVM transcript. Vermont residents who are aged 65+ may attend, on a space available basis, tuition free but must pay course fees and comprehensive fees, if applicable.

During the summer, hundreds of courses are offered on campus, online, around the state and throughout the world in various travel programs. Course registration is open to all learners. Courses are taught by UVM faculty, visiting professors or practitioners, and apply the same academic rigor as courses scheduled during the academic year.

The summer session offers entry-level courses designed for high school students to get ahead and get a taste of the university experience and for undergraduates to catch up on subjects which require more preparation. The summer session can also be an opportunity for undergraduates to take a course that is in high demand during the academic year or gain real world experience in an internship. Courses are also available in the summer session for professionals in education, healthcare, library science, engineering, public administration and environmental studies. In addition, advanced and graduate courses are included on the summer session’s roster.