The objective of the Department of Pharmacology Master’s Programs is to provide a broad knowledge base of pharmacological concepts, preparing students for careers in Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related industries; or to increase their competitiveness to pursue additional graduate or professional degrees.

Research interests in the Department of Pharmacology are diverse, with special emphasis on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular pharmacology, physiology, neurovascular coupling, signal transduction, and medicinal chemistry/cancer chemotherapy.

The Department of Pharmacology offers thesis-based and non-thesis Master of Science degrees. The non-thesis M.S. degree involves taking 30 credits of required and elective Pharmacology or Pharmacology-approved courses and does not require a thesis or thesis defense. The thesis-based M.S. degree is a course and research-based program, with 15 credits in coursework and a maximum of 15 credits of research. Students may choose thesis advisors from within the Department of Pharmacology, or with approval from the Program Director, may choose faculty from outside of the Department. This gives students a wide range of options for selecting thesis advisors conducting pharmacology research. Students in the thesis-based track will write and defend a thesis.

Students can enter the thesis or non-thesis Pharmacology Master’s programs by 1 of 2 mechanisms: 1st is the Traditional Master’s Degree Program involving an approximately 2-year program of study. This program is available to all applicants. 2nd is the Accelerated  Entry Master’s Degree Program (AMP). This program is available exclusively to UVM undergraduate students with Senior standing and allows initiation of their Master's Degree studies prior to completion of their undergraduate degree and is designed to provide the opportunity to initiate their Master’s Degree. Students entering the AMP can share up to 9 credits between their graduate and undergraduate degrees, thereby decreasing both the time and cost of completing the Master's Degree.

In addition to the Pharmacology M.S. and Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP), the Pharmacology faculty participate in interdisciplinary doctoral programs in Neuroscience, and Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Sciences found elsewhere in this Catalogue.


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