Department of Biology

The Department of Biology is the general biology research and teaching department at the University of Vermont. The department is committed to the active pursuit of scientific understanding through integrative, cutting-edge research in neuroscience, cell biology, genetics, ecology, and evolution. The Biology Department administers several majors, including B.A. degrees in Biology and Zoology and B.S. degrees in Biological Sciences and Zoology. Students pursuing the Biology B.A. degree choose between structured concentrations in Cell and Developmental Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, or General Biology. All majors provide excellent preparation for many careers and graduate programs, including programs in health and medicine and veterinary science. The department's focus, most particularly in advanced courses, is on learning primarily through smaller classes, analysis of primary literature, hands-on research, and close faculty interaction. UVM Biology professors are respected, internationally known scientists and recipients of important grants each year from organizations including the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Student research is encouraged and is supported by departmental and university awards. Students consult regularly with departmental faculty advisors to choose a structured set of elective courses to meet their interests and professional goals.