Complex Systems and Data Science


The College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences provides an educational program in Complex Systems and Data Science (CSDS) that includes education offerings at three levels:

  1. A 5-course Graduate Certificate in Complex Systems that may be taken by any graduate student at UVM to augment their degree.
  2. An M.S. in CSDS which is a 2-year degree with optional disciplinary tracks, and which UVM undergraduates may initiate through an Accelerated Master's Program.
  3. A Ph.D. in CSDS which will allow students to fully develop a deep portfolio of published research, thereby opening the door to high level research positions in, for example, government, industry, or academia.

The educational program naturally complements UVM’s undergraduate degree in Data Science but also thematically connects with many fields across the university.

The program's overall goal is to help students become protean data scientists with eminently transferable skills. Students are provided with a broad training in computational and theoretical techniques for (1) describing and understanding complex natural and sociotechnical systems, enabling them to then, as possible, (2) predict, control, manage, and create such systems. Students will be trained in: Industry standard methods of data acquisition, storage, manipulation, and curation; visualization techniques, with a focus on building high quality web-based applications; finding complex patterns and correlations through, for example, machine learning and data mining; powerful ways of hypothesizing, searching for, and extracting explanatory, mechanistic stories underlying complex systems—not just how to use black box techniques; combining the formulation of mechanistic models (e.g., toy physics models) with genetic programming.


Complex Systems and Data Science AMP

Complex Systems and Data Science CGS

Complex Systems and Data Science M.S.

Complex Systems and Data Science Ph.D.