Undergraduate Catalogue

Students at the University of Vermont are responsible for knowing and complying with all requirements for their respective degrees as stated in the catalogue.

The University of Vermont reserves the right to make changes in the course offerings, mode of delivery, degree requirements, charges, regulations, and procedures contained herein as educational, financial, and health, safety, and welfare considerations require, or as necessary to be compliant with governmental, accreditation, or public health directives. 

Mode and method of instruction for any given course, including, but not limited to, in-person vs. remote instruction (synchronous or asynchronous), use of mixed formats, and alternative scheduling, is at the discretion of the University.

The following undergraduate academic programs are not currently accepting students: Consumer Affairs minor, Early Childhood Special Education major, Geology major, Geology minor, Gerontology minor, Physical Education major, RN-BS major.

Undergraduate Catalogue Addendum - May 28, 2024

The Public Health Sciences Core Courses in the Public Health Sciences B.S. total 40 credits.