The Grossman School of Business

The Grossman School of Business (GSB) cultivates the ability to create and manage sustainable businesses that address ethical, social, and environmental challenges and opportunities in the complex and dynamic global environment. We develop graduates who are professional, technically competent, and entrepreneurial. The School's faculty create impact through teaching, research, and scholarship.

The School contributes to the mission of the University through its Strategic Plan and Learning Outcomes.

Learning Goals and Objectives

The faculty, staff, and alumni are committed to developing leaders prepared for a dynamic, global workplace. The GSB curriculum is designed to support the following learning goals, objectives, and outcomes.

1. Professional skills

Ability to:

a. Communicate informatively and persuasively through written, oral or visual modes.
b. Collaborate effectively to analyze business performance.

2. Technical skills

Ability to analyze business performance by:

a. Acquiring, synthesizing, and interpreting data.
b. Applying foundational business concepts.

3. Thematic application skills

Ability to apply and integrate professional and technical skills in one or more of the themes:

a. Sustainable business
b. Global business
c. Entrepreneurship

During the first two years, students build the conceptual and analytical base for studying the art and science of management. Students complete Catamount Core Curriculum requirements and learn required skills for upper-level business courses by the end of their second year.  At the end of the second year, students will declare their interdisciplinary theme and concentration. In addition, students may add a minor or certificate outside of business, though this is optional. These choices determine their remaining curriculum sequence. Students will complete a culminating theme capstone in their senior year.

The Grossman School of Business collaborates with the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences to offer a B.S. in Engineering Management. For students pursuing a major outside of the Grossman School of Business, the School offers a Business Administration Co-Major and two minors: a minor in Accounting, and a minor in Business Administration. In addition, a minor in Sports Management is offered as a cross-college minor and is open to all majors. 

The undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the School are accredited by AACSB International: the International Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

The Dean's, Faculty, and Advising offices of the Grossman School of Business are located in Kalkin Hall and Ifshin Hall.

Study Abroad

Students in the Grossman School of Business are strongly encouraged to participate in a study abroad experience. UVM partners with a number of exchange and external programs around the world to provide a rigorous academic experience while also exploring new cultures, cuisine and geographic locations. Students interested in the study abroad experience begin the process early in their career. It is advantageous to meet with the GSB study abroad academic advisor to discuss curriculum sequence and program options.