Co-majors provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to gain depth of knowledge in more than one major field of study, serving their overall educational and post-graduation goals.

Co-majors are for matriculated undergraduate students only and are intended to allow students to pursue two majors in different degree-granting colleges/schools, without having to complete two different sets of college/school degree (e.g., B.A., B.S.) requirements1.  Students must successfully complete a major in their degree-granting/home unit in order to graduate with a co-major in another college/school. Students are ineligible for a co-major offered by their degree-granting/home college or school2. The co-major credential is listed on official transcripts as “co-major”.

Students considering a co-major should make an appointment with their home college/school student services advisor, to see whether it is possible to combine a co-major with their existing degree requirements.


Students who complete two sets of major and degree requirements in two different colleges/schools may graduate with dual degrees.


A double major may be appropriate in this case.