Accelerated Master's Degree Pathways

Accelerated Master’s Degree Pathways (AMP) are designed to allow current UVM undergraduate students to earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees within a total of 5 years for standard 30-36 credit master's programs. Master's programs with more credit requirements will take longer to complete.  Students are expected to be full‐time until completion of the master’s degree. Not all UVM master’s degree programs include an AMP option. Those programs that do are listed in the undergraduate catalog under Unique Learning Opportunities/Accelerated Degree Pathways. The curriculum for an AMP is identical to that of the affiliated master's degree. The AMP is an entry point into an existing master's degree, not a separate degree.

AMP students may use up to 9 credits of graduate-level courses taken at UVM toward both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Some programs specify the courses that must be taken; in others it is determined individually. Some programs allow only 6 credits to count towards both the bachelor's and master's degrees, but may then allow another 3 taken as an undergraduate student to count towards the master's degree only.

Graduate-level courses taken for the AMP prior to earning the bachelor's must be graded A-F and cannot be independent study or research; thesis research credits; internships; or practica.

Under no circumstance will more than 9 credits of graduate-level coursework taken prior to earning the bachelor's be applied towards the graduate degree.

Students must apply for and be accepted to the AMP through the standard Graduate College application process. Typically, the application and admission process are finalized in the semester prior to the beginning of the senior year. In all cases, students must be admitted by the Graduate College before taking any courses that will apply to the master’s degree, i.e., all courses used for the master’s degree must be taken after formal admission to the AMP.

Standardized admissions tests are typically not required for AMP admission. AMP students may not receive fellowship or assistantship funding prior to completion of the bachelor’s degree and, normally, AMP students are not funded following completion of the bachelor's as the intent is for them to be fully engaged in their studies and complete the master’s one year beyond the bachelor’s degree.

AMP students are dually enrolled as an undergraduate and a graduate student until they have completed the requirements for an undergraduate degree, and have received their diploma. Once the bachelor’s degree is conferred, students are enrolled as graduate students only. Students are subject to the Graduate College dismissal policy while taking graduate coursework in undergraduate status.

AMP students are expected to enroll in the term following completion of their bachelor’s degree unless approved for a leave of absence. If the AMP student does not enroll in courses, or take a leave of absence, they will be required to reapply for consideration as a direct entry Master's student should they wish to enroll. The credits taken as an AMP undergraduate student will not count toward their Master’s degree. If the credit is for a required course, the program may use their discretion in waiving the requirement but not the credit.