Neuroscience in the College of Arts and Sciences

Neuroscience is the study of the function of the nervous system and how it regulates behavior. Often described as one of the "last frontiers," neuroscience is an exciting and challenging interdisciplinary field in which scientists share an interest in studying the anatomy, physiology, and function of the nervous system. Psychological science and biology have been traditional disciplines that share this interest, but fields such as communication sciences, physics, computer science, and other diverse fields are also intensely interested in neuroscience. The interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience requires an understanding of a broad range of methods of inquiry, ranging from laboratory methods associated with basic "bench" sciences such as cell and molecular biology to clinical methods associated with the study of medical disorders or disease states.

College of Arts and Sciences Neuroscience B.A. and B.S.

The neuroscience program at UVM is a cooperative effort by faculty in the Departments of Biology, Psychological Sciences, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Neurological Sciences, and neuroscientists in other departments throughout UVM. The challenging curriculum of both majors is driven by the nature of the breadth of the field of neuroscience, the unique opportunities provided by course offerings and by faculty expertise. It features a strong life science foundation, research methods and experiences, and a strong core of neuroscience courses that span cellular and molecular to behavioral and cognitive content. These include many courses in at multiple levels of neuroscience that are unique to UVM and offered by multiple departments in three different colleges. The curriculum gives students the freedom to select advanced courses that will prepare them for a wide variety of post-graduation career options, including (but certainly not limited to) graduate study, medical school and other health-care career options, laboratory technician positions, science writing, and more. The Bachelor of Arts is designed for students who wish to double major or minor in programs outside neuroscience, and the Bachelor of Science is designed for students who want to go deeper into the field of neuroscience by diving into more upper-level electives.

Neuroscience Minor

The neuroscience minor was created for students who have a core interest in another major and are interested in neuroscience as either a supplement to their major or as simply a field of inquiry that they enjoy studying. The minor was designed to introduce students from multiple backgrounds to the interdisciplinary field of neuroscience.