Change of Graduate Program

If an admitted student wishes to change to a different graduate program offered at UVM, a request must be made by the student, via online form, to the Dean of the Graduate College. Upon receipt of the request and any new supporting materials, the student's file will be forwarded to the desired program for review. That program may require additional materials or a new complete application for consideration. If both the faculty of the desired program and the Dean of the Graduate College approve, the formal transfer of program is made in the Graduate College office with notification to the former program, new program, student, and registrar. To complete the process, the student should provide an outline indicating all credits earned in the previous program that will count towards the new program and the components necessary to complete the new program (such as the comprehensive exam or required courses). This outline should be signed by the student and the program director of the new program and sent to the Dean of the Graduate College. The time limit for completion of the degree runs from the date of matriculation in the new program; however, all course credits applied to the program must be earned within 3 years of completion for a micro-Certificate of Graduate Study; 5 years of completion for a Certificate of Graduate Study; 7 years of completion for master’s and doctoral (professional) degree; and 9 years for the Doctor of Philosophy degree.