Civil and Environmental Engineering


Graduate programs in Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) that lead to the master of science and doctor of philosophy degrees are offered. The curricular and research programs emphasize engineering related to environmental and hydrological processes, sustainable transportation systems, materials, and geotechnical, geoenvironmental and structural engineering.

Research in the department addresses critical issues facing the world related to sustainability and energy; infrastructure systems; climate change, hazard mitigation and adaptation; and environmental and public health. A wide range of research methods are employed from state-of-the-art laboratory and field testing to sensing to computational modeling to data analytics to artificial intelligence. Example projects include groundwater contamination modeling and remediation, environmental restoration and ecological engineering, hydrological processes, resource recovery from wastes, air pollution related health effects, sustainable materials, soil and structural dynamics, earthquake engineering, geo-energy, climate change impacts on natural and built infrastructure, structural health monitoring, and sustainable transportation systems.

CEE graduate students can concurrently pursue certificates of graduate study in Complex Systems, Ecological Economics, and Community Resilience & Planning, among others.


Civil and Environmental Engineering AMP

Civil and Environmental Engineering M.S.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Ph.D.