German, Russian, and Hebrew Program

The German, Russian, and Hebrew Program prepares students to become active and interculturally savvy multilingual citizens. From introductory through advanced coursework, students participate in a hands-on exploration of cultural products, practices, and perspectives from the historical and linguistic to the sociocultural and artistic. Across all classes, students build their interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational skills in the target language and engage in critical analysis of contemporary issues facing Western and Eastern European societies. The department offers a B.A. degree in German, a B.A. degree in Russian, and two years of Hebrew instruction.

Faculty in the German, Russian, and Hebrew Program are recipients of numerous teaching awards, in addition to receiving national and international recognition for outstanding scholarship and pedagogical innovation. Areas of exceptional strength include Russian- and German-language literature from the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries; exile and migration studies; contemporary film studies; and curricular design.