Materials Science


UVM’s graduate program in Materials Science is engaged in interdisciplinary education and research on the fundamental physical, chemical, electrical and mechanical properties and applications of materials. Our internationally recognized faculty and our graduate students focus on a variety of theoretical and experimental research topics ranging from electronic materials to bio-polymers. Current interests include nanomechanics, graphene and quantum magnetism, dynamics of quantum systems, spin-dependent phenomena in semiconductors, real-time X-ray scattering and thin film microfabrication, synthesis of novel organometallics and small molecule semiconductors, supramolecular nanomaterials, computational multiscale modeling of complex materials, as well as materials for biomedical applications. Experimental and computational on-campus facilities include state-of-the-art transport, microscopy, spectroscopy (optical and X-ray) characterization and a supercomputing center. Our experimental faculty and graduate students work in close collaboration with scientists from national laboratories such as the Brookhaven National Lab and the National High Magnetic Field Lab.

We offer students the opportunity to follow customized curricula organized in 3 tracks (Electronic Materials, Biomaterials and Mechanics of Materials) that prepares them to be successful in their chosen research area. Research and teaching graduate assistantships are available for full-time students on a competitive basis and the program also welcomes self–supporting part-time students in partnership with industry.


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