Individually Designed Minor

The Independently Designed Minor is a non-departmental, interdisciplinary option for students with academic interests that are not met by the minors currently offered. An IDM may not be a program of narrow professional training. Rather, it must lead to an intensive investigation of some broad area of human knowledge which is not covered by a single departmental discipline. At the same time, an IDM should not consist of a grouping of loosely associated courses; rather it should be a carefully crafted, coherent curriculum allowing the student to concentrate in a unique area of study. An application to pursue an IDM should be approved by the CAS Associate Dean responsible for IDM advising, subject to the oversight of the CAS Curriculum Committee, before the end of the candidate’s junior year.


18 hours to include:

Core: 9 credits at the 100 level or above9
Electives: 9 credit hours9
In order to accommodate the possibility that selected courses may not be offered at a given time, students should submit 1 alternate course in the core and 1 alternate course in the elective list.


No more than 9 credits completed prior to application for the ID minor may be applied to the 18 credits required for the proposed minor.

No courses in the student's Arts and Sciences major department may be applied to the 18 credits required for the minor.

Other Information

No more than 9 credits in the proposed minor may be completed or begun at the time of application.

No more than 6 credits that count for the minor can come from courses outside the College of Arts and Sciences.

Consistent with the College of Arts and Sciences curricular policies, no more than 1 course included in the major can be in the minor.