Fellowships, Assistantships, Traineeships, Stipends, and Grants

Graduate Student Academic Appointments: Assistantships, Predoctoral Fellowships and Traineeships

Ph.D. students typically hold academic appointments: Graduate Teaching Assistantships, Graduate Research Assistantships, Graduate Assistantships, Predoctoral Fellowships, Predoctoral Traineeships.  Master’s students in certain programs may also have access to appointments as assistants.

For definitions, appointment guidelines, and responsibilities, see the Academic Regulations governing each academic appointment types available on the Graduate College website Resources page.

For AY 2024-25, 9-month academic appointments carry a minimum stipend of $24,000; 12-month appointments carry a minimum stipend of $32,000. The stipends in some colleges and programs are higher than the minimum. In addition to the stipend, assistantship awards include payment for the Single Student Health Insurance Premium, a tuition scholarship for 9 credits per semester, (and up to 5 credits in summer if on a 12-month assistantship), as well as a scholarship to cover the Comprehensive Fee during the period of the assistantship. Tuition scholarships accompanying Graduate Assistantships, Graduate Teaching Assistantships, and Graduate Research Assistantships do not cover audits or physical education activity courses, nor do they cover courses numbered below 5000 with the exception of 3000- or 4000-level courses where prior approval of the Graduate College was obtained. The Graduate Student Senate Fee is the responsibility of the student.

Graduate College Conference Grant Program

The Graduate College provides grants to help students underwrite the cost of attending conferences where they present their research. The student's program must provide matching funding. Further information on the Graduate College Conference Grant Program is available on the Graduate College website.

Other Fellowships

Fellowships established by private donors or through departmental resources are available periodically in some departments. Please check relevant departmental websites. 

Graduate Student Awards

The Graduate College offers competitive awards in particular disciplinary areas and awards for outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistants, theses, and dissertations. Please see the Graduate College website for further information.