Applied Design Minor


Choose one of the following (3 credits):
Visual Communication
Design Innovation I
Choose one of the following sequences (6 credits):
Drafting & Design in SketchUp
and Drafting & Design: SketchUp II
Communication Design I
and Communication Design II
Digital Illustration
and Applied Computer Graphics
Choose two of the following (6 credits):
Narrative Data Design
Design:Narrative Media & Video
Social Media:Theory 2 Practice
Doc. Film for Social Change
Sports Media
Community Media Production
Publication Design
Design Innovation II
Design+Cultural Entreprneurshp
Special Topics (When the topic is Publication Design)
Special Topics (When the topic is Motion Graphics)
Special Topics (When the topic is Inforgraphics and Data Visualization)
Smart Resilient Communities
Community Design Studio
Applied Community Planning
No more than two courses can count toward both a student's major and minor for CENT, PCOM, CID, and CCD majors or other CDAE minors.


Ineligible Majors: Public Communication majors with Communication Design concentration, Community Centered Design majors with an Applied Design Track