Global Studies B.A.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Major Requirements

30 credits, including:

GRS 001D2:SU:Intro to Global Studies3
Choose 1 course from each of the 3 categories below:
Political-Economic Perspectives on Globalization:3
D2:SU:World Food,Pop & Develop
Intro International Relations
Comparative World Politics
D2:SU:Econ of Globalization
Human and Environmental Perspectives on Globalization:3
D2: SU: Cultural Anthropology
D2:SU:Global Envmnts& Cultures
Humanities Perspectives on Globalization:3
D2: Global History to 1500
D2: Global History since 1500
D2: Comparing Religions
D2:Religion and Globalization
D2: Literatures of Globalizatn
1 additional core course from any of the core competency options.3
Take 4 courses at the 100-level or above in 1 of the following concentrations. Special Topics, study abroad, and other courses may be added to these concentrations with the approval of an advisor.12
Sustainable Community Dev
Geography of Africa
Adv Top:Space, Power, Identity
International Econ I: Trade
Macroecon & Finance w Writing
World War II
International Security
Internatl Political Economy
Sem in International Relations
D2: Global Deviance
D2: Fndns of Global Health
D2:Culture, Health and Healing
Anthropology of Food and Labor
Global Environmental Assessmnt
D2: Global Env History
SU: Geography of Water
Global Environmental Change
Political Ecology
D2:Cultural Health Care
Int'l Environmental Governance
Topics European Art 1600-1800
D2:Colonial/Post-Col World Lit
Global Studies in Film/TV
Mysticism,Shamanism & Possessn
Religion, Nation, and State
D1:SU:Race,Identity&Migrnt Lbr
D1: Border Literatures
D2: Comparative Epic
GRS 200D2:Seminar in Global Studies3
No more than 9 credits used toward the major may be taken from any 1 discipline.
Students must complete 4 courses totaling at least 12 credits in a foreign language, at least 3 credits of which must be at the 100-level or above; or a minor in a foreign language. Students studying a language not regularly offered at UVM are exempt from the 100-level requirement.