Individually Designed B.S.Ed.

The Individually Designed Major (IDM) B.S.Ed., prepares students for unique degree configurations tailored to individual interests in interdisciplinary fields. The IDM provides students opportunities to explore and develop individualized interdisciplinary academic interests with faculty and professional advisors. Students connect CESS courses with UVM courses to create a major specific to their academic interests and unavailable elsewhere through existing UVM programs. Students may, with permission, include graduate level courses as part of their program. Application and proposal development are required, and must be approved prior to declaring the major. First year students wishing to pursue the CESS Individually Designed Major may enter as Undeclared, and then work collaboratively with the IDM Program Coordinator to identify interests, develop their proposal and course sequence, and identify a faculty advisor. This process typically occurs at the initiation of the student during their first two semesters in the college. The program leads to a Bachelor of Science in Education (non-licensure). The IDM includes a required minor or certificate as part of the course sequence.  No more than 6 credits may overlap between the major, minor or certificate.

120 total credits are required to complete the B.S.Ed.