Data Science B.S.

Data Science Major

The study and applications of Data Science impacts our lives in myriad ways every moment of every day. Often we are unaware of the role this important field plays in our daily routines. We have data scientists to thank as we read the latest news on our social media feed of choice, or watch a movie suggested by our go-to streaming app. Even the food we eat has likely been guided by the study of big data. For example, researchers are working hand-in-hand with farms of all sizes to help analyze data which in turn can identify and reduce areas of inefficiency and waste, and bring food to your table in a faster, safer, and more cost-effective way.

The curriculum of the Bachelor of Science with a major in Data Science combines courses from the disciplines of Statistics, Mathematics, and Computer Science to prepare students for careers in Big Data Science & Analytics: rapidly growing fields with huge unmet demand. The unique interdisciplinary educational experience allows students the opportunity to acquire the broad base of knowledge and skills that employers are seeking.


Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Data Science are subject to the Academic Standards in CEMS outlined in this catalogue.