Emergency Medical Services Minor


The minor consists of 18 credit hours including the following:

HLTH 1030Medical Terminology2
HLTH 2530Emergency Medical Technician 16
HLTH 2531EMT Skills Competency1
9 credits from the following are required:
Teaching Assistantship (EMS Teaching Assistant)
Wilderness First Responder
Wilderness EMT
Independent Study (with instructor permission)
Emergency Service Leadership
Advanced EMT
Emergency Medicine Research I
Special Topics (Pediatric Emergencies, Mental Health Emergencies, or other topics as approved by the program director)
Trauma & Trauma Systems
Emergency Medicine Research II
Emerg. Medicine Research III
Internship (Licensed Skills Instructor with Instructor permission)

Certified EMTs may waive the requirements for HLTH 2530 and HLTH 2531 by exam, but the academic credits will not count towards completion of the minor.

The minor is available to all UVM degree students. For more information regarding the minor in Emergency Medical Services, please contact the College of Nursing and Health Sciences Office of Student Services. 


At any given time, due to fluctuations in demand for the minor in Emergency Medical Services, the program reserves the right to cap enrollment in the minor. Courses may not be taken pass/fail.

Other Information

Students must maintain a 2.0 or greater GPA in all coursework for the minor in order to be awarded the minor degree on the academic transcript.