Sports Management Minor


A total of 18 credits is required for the minor.  

EDPE 2010Intro to Sports Management3
EDPE 3200Sport in Society3
PRT 4350Outdoor Recreation Planning3
Choose 1 of the following Management courses:3
Leadership & Org Behavior
Sports Leadership
Careers in College Athletics
Philosophy of Coaching
Ski Area Management 1
Choose 1 of the following Marketing/Communications courses:3
Marketing Management
Fund of Public Communication
Event Planning for Athletics
Sports Media
Marketing:Com Entrepreneurs
Resort Mgmt & Marketing
Choose 1 of the following Entrepreneurship courses:3
Intro to Comm Entrepreneurship
Strat Plan:Comm Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship Rec&Tourism
Total Credits18

PRT 2570 students must enroll in PRT 2560 (1 cr.) concurrently.

Other Information

Consult your major advisor for any applicable course/major restrictions and information regarding the use of one course to meet multiple degree requirements. Majors in Parks, Recreation and Tourism, or Business Administration may double count at most two courses from the Sports Management minor towards their major.

At least half the courses must be taken at UVM.  Students must earn at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA in their Sports Management minor courses to earn a minor in Sports Management.